Six years ago, our very own Christine McDannell participated in (and completed!) this exact type of challenge put on by  her friend, Tim King. She gained both confidence in being on camera at any time and so much valuable content watching other participants' videos throughout the challenge. She also realized how much valuable content she has to share with others. So here she is, six years later asking YOU to participate in the same type of 30-day vlog challenge! No need for any fancy video equipment or media team, just a quick and simple video post each day to send a positive and encouraging message for others. This is a great way to build your content, get your message out and grow your network! 


April 1st is the first official day of the challenge, but the last day to opt-in to the challenge will be Friday evening, April 6th at midnight.  We know it’s a big decision and we want you to take the time to think about whether or not you're ready to bring yourself to the next level.  Obviously the first few days will have the highest promotion & activity, so it makes much more sense to get in early – but we understand if you’d like to start out at 25 days vs 30 ; - ) And if you want to record your own videos on your own terms, please do so. However, if you want your vlogs to be included and promoted during this challenge there are a few guidelines to follow below...

Here are the simple guidelines for this CHALLENGE:

1. Your videos must be at least one-minute long and be submitted for entry prior to 10 AM day-of posting.  We will be posting a featured video each day on the Kindred Quarters Facebook Page. If you are late on the deadline, it doesn’t mean you’re ineligible for future submissions, you just miss your video being featured that day.  To submit, simply email us the link to your video & make sure that it allows embedding.

2. Your video must be content rich. This will be the most difficult part of the challenge, but we have full confidence in you!  You want people to gain some insight, inspiration, or some knowledge as a result of listening to your content.  It doesn’t have to be super-technical or divine secrets of your trade, but something the average viewer can get some benefit from.  (*Note – I don’t think this will apply to any of you, but just to be straightforward, we will not be publishing any content deemed offensive towards any race, gender, political party, etc.)

3. Record a single video each day for 30-days. We really want you to challenge yourself to not only submit your videos daily, but also record them daily. We might not know if you recorded 6 different videos in a single day if you're still submitting them daily, so you won't be letting us down, but you'll not let yourself down!     

4. Promote the posts you’re featured in on your social media outlets using #KQ30dayvlogchallenge. Either post the link on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to help gain awareness of the challenge.  

5. Quality is completely up to you. A vlog is a vlog, whether you recorded it on a phone or a 5D Mark III. Anything that can record a one minute video with will get the job done!

This challenge is completely FREE and a great way to get yourself out there! One of Kindred Quarters' core values is to be SUPPORTIVE of others to promote growth and positivity; This is our #1 intention for this challenge.

Now who is ready to get started!?! 

Take a look at Christine's vlogs from six years ago (click the image below to see her VIMEO page) to get a idea of what you will be doing these next 30 days!