The Coliving Code:

How to How to Find Your Tribe, Share Resources, and Design Your Life

The only book you need to thrive in the

coliving industry

We’ve published The Coliving Code, a comprehensive book guiding readers through every single part of the coliving realm. This is the first published book specifically on the topic of coliving.

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In this book you’ll discover how you can:

  • Escape from roommates who simply don’t “get you”

  • Build a real, priceless community with the people who understand your passion

  • Gain more clients, deeper partnerships, and connections with determined entrepreneurs who will help you build business referrals well into the the future…

A TRIBE replaces the glazed over, disconnected version of you with an intimate community of family members who will help shape your future to its maximum potential.

You will also get access to their networks and make real connections EXPONENTIALLY FASTER than just collecting business cards at your local networking event.

In the modern world, there is simply a BETTER, deeper way.

Design an intimate network of authentic friendships based on common interests, needs, and community that’s personally built by YOU.