A Secret Productivity Hack That You've Never Heard Before

Working as many hours a day is a great way to make serious progress in your business and get closer to reaching whatever goal it is that you're currently working towards, but how many of those hours are truly productive? 

Productive work and busy work are very different. Just because you have your laptop open and are sitting at your desk it doesn't mean that you are focused and making actual progress. To help you make sure that the time spent on your business is as efficient as possible, we want to share with you our absolute favorite productivity hack that we know will absolutely skyrocket the amount that you get done in a day!

We call it working in 50-10's.

What are 50-10's? It's when you focus a full 50 minute work session towards whatever task(s) are at hand and immediately take a 10 minute break after the 50 minutes is up. Why do we do this? It's simple: your mind can only harness about 50 minutes of hardcore, focused energy until it starts to drift off and half-ass everything. The reason that we have a 10-minute break is to allow our minds to recharge and disconnect for a few minutes.

During the 10 minute break, you disconnect completely. You don't touch your phone, you get off the laptop, and you simply stop doing any and all work. The break is great for grabbing a snack, petting your dog, shooting some hoops, stretching out.. simply doing whatever activity that you please! Just make sure that you are doing something that is completely separate from your business. Then once the 10 minutes is up, you go straight back to work.

The average CEO gets about one hour of focused work done per day. So what does that mean? It means that most of the day ends up getting wasted (or at least not used to it's fullest advantage) and it ultimately holds us back. Imagine if you could get focused work done throughout the duration of the entire day? Wouldn't that be great? That's why we work in 50-10's!


We want to challenge you to give this structure a shot the next time you are working. Go all in for 50 minutes, take a 10 minute break, then repeat the entire process throughout the entire day. We can guarantee that you will see a spike in your productivity levels throughout the day each time that you do this!

Have a great day,

-Kindred Quarters