Kindred Quarters: The Entourage House

November 1st was the official launch of Kindred Quarters! Our newest home, The Entourage House, is filled with successful entrepreneurs who are all KILLING it in their respective businesses.

The idea behind Kindred Quarters is to have like-minded, driven and passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses allliving under one roof. This allows for consistent idea flow and motivational energy on a daily basis throughout the entire house!

How amazing does it sound to live with others who understand the highs, the lows, the hustle and the grind that it takes to be an entrepreneur?! Plus, added bonus of the weekly masterminds to take all of your businesses to the next level ; - )

The Entourage House is a gorgeous home in the quaint neighborhood of Mission Hills in San Diego. When they are not killing it in their companies, you can find the housemates decompressing in their pool or jacuzzi, entertaining in their custom bar, playing basketball on their court, or watching a thought provoking business documentary in their home theater.

We already have two more locations coming soon (Mission Hills area of San Diego and Los Angeles). Each house comes complete with a personal chef to do your daily meal prep and a concierge for everyday tasks and errands so that you can fully focus on your business growth! 

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