KQ Success Tips: How to Create a Coliving Home That's ALWAYS FULL!

Here at Kindred Quarters, we’re lucky to have a constant waiting list of excited applicants. For those of you that are thinking about starting your own coliving home, here are some valuable hacks for how to keep it booked all the time!


It’s one thing to create the perfect coliving property, but keeping it consistently packed with residents is another. No matter what type of home experience you’re creating for guests, it’s important that the home stays full! There are lots of ways to do this, but today we’ll go over the best and most effective methods for reaching this goal. Most of this centers on offering amazing events that attract the right people and the ideal ways to organize them! Let’s get started.

1. Plan a Specific Event

Set a date for an event and be particular about the theme and goal that you have in mind. This will set the tone for the food, decor, and vibe of the entire thing! Once you’ve set goals for the event, you can strategize the best ways to attract the people you want. The more specific, the better!


2. Invest in the Experience

It’s definitely important to be economical, but don’t scrimp too much on these events! Decide what’s most important (the food the drinks, the amenities, etc.) and make sure that element is amazing. This is the time where you’re able to make a first impression on prospective residents, so keep in mind that you want to put your best foot forward. It should be an experience they won’t forget!

3. Quality Company

Aim for quality over quantity when it comes to attendance. It’s much more beneficial for you to have 20 people who are like-minded and can have great conversation than a full room packed with 100 people who aren’t serious about it. Guests who come to the event are far more likely to become residents when they’ve had meaningful interactions with others there. The people at the event represent your home, so you want to be sure that it’s being portrayed the best way possible.

4. Get Into Gifting

Keep yourself on their minds by leaving people with a little present to remember you by. This will not only make them feel special, but also ensures that you make a lasting impression. It doesn’t have to be anything big or costly, but make it feel personal. Individualized gifts are a great way to make your mark without breaking the bank.

5. Key Members

Consider adding certain people to the event who will raise visibility and attract the right crowd. Maybe you know someone who would be a great speaker of performer that will enhance the experience-- whatever it is, including important individuals is a great way to draw a larger crowd of guests which enhances your ability to fill the home and get it on their radar.

6. Close the Loop

Just because the event is over doesn’t mean your work is done. Be sure to follow up with everyone that attended in order to get some real results. This will allow you to get personal feedback and actually turn people into residents to fill the home. Consider making mental (or literal) notes throughout the event that you can weave into the follow-up to make it personalized.

If you do all these things, you’re on the best possible track to filling up your home ASAP. Not only will it be booked into the future, but it will also house great people who know what the property is all about. Your space deserves to succeed, and these tips will help you do it!


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