Kndrd CoLiving Directory & CLMS Software Intercepts Pains of Rising Urban Space Struggles

Let’s face it: housing tensions are at an all-time high with no end in sight. And this struggle is only going to intensify: city populations are expected to double and the space just doesn’t exist.

Or so we thought…

A vibrant tech boom and digital economy leads us to the question: is there a better way to live? The answer is a resounding YES. It’s time to work smarter — not harder — to get the life we want.

Cue the emergence of CoLiving: a classic concept in a modern way. This model of intentional living brings people together under one roof to enjoy greater amenities, more space, and a tribe of housemates committed to supporting one another.

CoLiving is the biggest real estate change-up transforming housing into a space-saving, cost-effective, and community-enriching phenomenon. It’s exploding across the world as individuals are reclaiming the life they want and surrounding themselves with the right environment to make each other’s goals a reality.

Billions of dollars from acclaimed investors are being funneled into the industry, predicting overwhelmingly low risks and high reward. Until now, owners and operators of CoLiving homes have been left to their own devices in the process of marketing, booking, and managing these properties. This is all changing with Kndrd.

The architects of Kndrd realized the two most important things when it comes to CoLiving:

(1) Location, and (2) WHO is also living in the space, not just the home itself. Users are able to also see WHO is staying in each specific property, along with their bios. This is how they easily find like-minded people and a TRIBE anywhere in the world.

With the Kndrd CoLiving Directory, users can browse, book, and travel between properties in any country whenever they like, with the knowledge that each home will offer the core elements they desire. Wherever they go, guests can feel a familiarity and sense of home — even in places they have never been. This comprehensive directory offers a one-step resource to identify and book the perfect CoLiving space. Narrowed filter options create a refined search to view only the homes that fit users’ personal needs. All these functions come together to provide the most seamless, effective, and enjoyable CoLiving experience from start to finish.

Kndrd takes the guessing game out of travel with a directory that taps into the intricacies of how each CoLiving home operates. By adding a personal element of interaction into the otherwise clinical sphere of home searching, residents are met with the individual attention that underpins human nature. And ultimately, that’s what Kndrd is all about: using modern technology to get back to basics.

My Next Steps?

Whether you own a property and want visibility, or you’re looking to book as a resident, it’s time to get your foot in the door (literally). Head to to create an account and start using the platform to live better today.

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Kndrd: Technology to facilitate the Living in CoLiving

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