New Locations Are Opening Up In San Diego & LA!

We are absolutely THRILLED to announce that we will be opening up two new locations in just the next few months. We will be opening up our second San Diego, CA location and we are still looking for two more badass entrepreneurs to fill up those spots! 


But not only that, we are also opening up our Los Angeles, CA location in March/April. That means that the Kindred Quarters movement is starting to take over Southern California! Will you be part of it? If you think that you would a great addition to live with the other amazing entrepreneurs that are absolutely rockin' it with their business and life, apply here.

But guess what? That isn't it! Not only are we opening up two more location in SoCal within the next two months, we are currently in the talks of even branching out of the U.S. to Melbourne, Australia! How cool would that be? The awesome thing about having these multiple locations around the world would be that each of the tenants could trade with another tenant at a different house and switch locations! That means if you wanted to switch places with an entrepreneur at a completely different Kindred Quarters house, and they were OK with it, you two could totally do that!

This is just the beginning, everyone. Just wait for what 2018 has in store for us all. ❤️

-The Kindred Quarters Team