Relationship Mastermind

Most Entrepreneurs agree that it is hard to find their Dream Queen (or King). We expect a lot from ourselves and set high standards, not to mention the current dating landscape is quite interesting where you can just swipe-left to the next... So we decided to host a fun 'Relationship Mastermind' here at Kindred Quarters: The Entourage House




Fireplace on, candles lit, wine poured =

mood set!



First, we sent out an anonymous  survey to ask some key questions such as:

  • What top question would you want to ask the opposite sex that would help you get into and keep your dream relationship?
  • What are the top traits you look for in your ideal partner?
  • What is your biggest challenge with getting into and keeping your ideal relationship?
  • What does a 'Level 10 Relationship' look like to you?

All of the surveys were compiled and discussed at the start of the mastermind.


We then split off into groups of men and women to compile a list of the TOP 5 TRAITS we look for in the opposite sex.

Then we all came together to discuss. The results were pretty interesting to compare:

What the LADIES are looking for

What the LADIES are looking for

What the MEN are looking for

What the MEN are looking for

relationship Mastermind.jpg

As we continued diving into myths, questions and struggles of relationships, it was an overall fun and insightful evening learning about both ourselves and each other! 


Looking forward to our next mastermind! Let us know if there are any other mastermind topics you think would be fun to go over!