Elevate Your Life: How You Can Get a Coveted Spot in a Kindred Quarters Location

If waking up every day with zero concerns other than your business and entrepreneurial goals sounds like the kind of life you would love to live, it’s safe to say Kindred Quarters would be perfect for you! Now add in being surrounded by fellow like-minded entrepreneurs who are hustling just as much as you are. Lastly, sprinkle in a personal assistant who takes care of just about everything as well as a private chef who cooks healthy, power-charged meals freshly made for you to grab and go every day.

Kindred Quarters was created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs as an all-inclusive co-living experience that allows you to solely focus on your professional and personal goals. So if you are ready to upgrade every aspect of your life, we would love to get you into a KQ location! So how can you grab a coveted spot at one of our gorgeous, fully-furnished homes? Check out the process below!

Step One — Get to know what we’re all about

Step Two — Get to know what you’re all about

  • Fill out our questionnaire — This includes questions regarding your personal and business goals as well as living expectations —

Step Three — Get to know you even better

  • If your goals and lifestyle align with that of Kindred Quarters, we will schedule a quick phone call to answer any additional questions and get to know you better!

Step Four — Get on our list

  • Once there is an opening, we will email you all details of the home and information on the other housemates.

Step Five — Get on camera

  • A 2–5 minute video (nothing fancy — feel free to use your phone camera!) answering the following questions:

  • What gets you excited about potentially moving into Kindred Quarters?

  • What are three interesting things about you?

  • What are your two favorite books and why do you love them?

Step Six — Get evaluated

  • Our Kindred Quarters Advisory Board and fellow residents of the specific house you are applying for will review your questionnaire and video to decide if you are a good fit.

Step Seven — Get the good news

  • You’ve made it this far because you are a highly motivated entrepreneur who is ready and excited to live an elevated life! You can expect an Acceptance Letter for Residency at Kindred Quarters to arrive in your inbox!

Step Eight — Get in here!

***As entrepreneurs, there’s no doubt one of our biggest strengths is networking. If you are too excited about the opportunity to move into a Kindred Quarters location and can’t wait any longer, and if you have some incredible KQ-quality colleagues, we can chat about getting one open ASAP in your city! We also offer our entire Kindred Quarters protocols and systems. We also include a video or phone consultation with our director of operations, lead concierge and lead private chef so all questions can be answered.

If you’re tired of the normal roommates who come home complaining about their 9–5 job and dreading Mondays, do yourself a favor and get into a Kindred Quarters and elevate every single part of your life!

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