What’s Their Secret? The Bird SOARS with Growth in Key Cities

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If you’ve been to major cities in the US, it’s hard not to notice the Bird: an electric scooter service that you can locate, retrieve, and leave anywhere along your short-distance journeys of the city. Based on a sharing economy, the Bird only requires an App to locate and unlock the nearest one, only to leave behind at your leisure for the next retriever. It’s been well received by not only tourists but also plenty of native residents wanting to go from one place to another without the strain of city traffic or parking stress. Let’s explore what exactly it is about the Bird that makes it so popular, plus what they indicate about the cities in which they’ve built their nests.

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For the brief time that the Bird has been around, it’s grown impressively fast and likely won’t be flying away anytime soon. We shouldn’t act surprised, though. With Southern California’s unbeatable weather and hubs of LA and San Diego, the Bird makes it easy to adventure through endless destinations like Playa and Venice with minimal hassle. With no need to drop the Bird off anywhere specific, users can take a relaxed approach and experience new areas or impromptu plans. Even locals with easy access to cars are ditching auto travel in favor of this more flexible (and not to mention exciting!!) alternative.

The rise of this new transportation leads us to realize that things are changing faster than expected. In the locations that the Bird has taken hold, there are some similarities: these forward-thinking places are innovative, creative, and sites of imagination. Resident users across these cities are noting the importance of PLAY IN THEIR LIVES alongside HACKS for efficiency, which is exactly where the Bird comes in.

You could certainly say that the Bird is about saving energy, money, gas, space, and time. But when all is said and done, it’s really about having FUN! And we can all agree that, at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing of all :-)

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