Turning a $1k donation into $1 million

Christine McDannell, founder of Kindred Quarters, attended one of Richard Branson's talks a few years back and when it ended, she ran onto the stage to simply just give Richard a check for $1,000 to donate to Virgin Unite.

Richard gave her a call to thank her for doing so, and had no idea that just a few years later he would be seeing her again, in Paris, being handed another check. Only this time the check would be for $100K!

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Richard was absolutely thrilled that Christine flew all the way out to Paris just for the sake of handing him another check for his foundation. To show his gratitude, he wrote an entire blog post about her on his website! You can check it out by clicking the link below.


Christine told him that the next check donated to Virgin Unite would be for $1 million, talk about taking things to the next level!

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