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Coming soon - Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and in 2010 became a part of the initiative "Chiang Mai Creative City", where cultural and creative activities are an integral part of the city's social and economic functioning. Being in the midst of this initiative is the perfect reason why Chiang Mai will be the next  Kindred Quarters location (and our first international one too!). Bring your creative business ideas and strategy to this colorful city and network away! 

You'll be in a fully stocked house, complete with a personal chef and concierge,  filled with like-minded individuals working to build and grow your businesses! You'll have the opportunity to plan weekly mastermind meetings among housemates to take your businesses to the next level as well as host amazing events to generate revenue and build your network!  Plus, you'll be a part of the the KQ community and have access to some of the best business tools out there! 

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