Meet the residents of

The Epic Entrepreneur House



Chandler perog

Chandler Perog is a Strategic Advisor of Community Boost Consulting, a digital marketing agency that exists to empower social ventures changing the world.

Community Boost’s purpose-driven team specializes in engaging with nonprofits that are looking to increase their organization’s online revenue by effectively leveraging their $10,000/mo Google Ad Grant. 

If your nonprofit is looking to build a sustainable and systematic way to scale both your online presence and online revenue in order to accelerate your social impact, please feel free to email Chandler at: Community Boost is always looking for new and exciting nonprofit partnerships.



Jack Haldrup is the creator and founder of Dr. Squatch, a soap company for men. Jack got the idea to create a soap company while traveling between cities in the US. He was on a flight and frustrated with is position in life. He promised himself, by the end of the flight, he would have an idea for a business worth building. It is amazing what happens when a person gets clear about what they want. By the end of the flight, Jack had come up with the idea for a soap company and has built it into a 7-figure business.



Eric Moeller

Eric Moeller is a real estate developer turned Airbnb fanatic. He is the CEO of Homtel ( and Host of the AirBNB Mastery ( For all things AirBNB, Eric is your go-to guy!

SHIV Shukla

Shiv is the founder and CEO of NeuraLace Medical with the goal of disrupting chronic pain. 

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