Founder / CEO

Christine McDannell is the passionate Founder of Kindred Quarters, shared housing for those who live life in common and is the Co-Founder of Luxe Car Collective, a luxury car rental company in San Diego, CA. She is a serial entrepreneur who has already owned, ran, and sold seven different companies in the past 14 years, including two six-figure exits. Christine has been honored with numerous awards through the years for her passion, including the Small Business Administration 2009 Business Person of the Year. Also, one of her companies, Cleanology, made the list for Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Most Brilliant Companies in 2010.

She is excited to take her newest venture, Kindred Quarters, international in 2018. Aside from business, she is a car enthusiast, and loves racing motorcycles at the track, running marathons, and traveling the world.

Christine has been featured nationally and locally on many news outlets, including Fox 5, The Oprah Magazine, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, San Diego Union Tribune, and The San Diego Living Show.



Director of Operations

Maya has been managing and developing teams within organizations for over 10 years. Beginning her career in the salon and beauty industry, she excelled at recruiting the top stylists in the area for the team and quickly became promoted to help with overall team development. In 2014, Maya received the opportunity to move from her hometown of Cerritos, CA to beautiful San Diego and begin a new chapter. She then proceeded to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management as well as ran a fast-paced, upscale wellness spa with a 5-star customer service reputation. Maya maintained her position at the spa upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree to continue managing, recruiting and developing the team.

In 2017, another new opportunity was presented to Maya in the form of real estate. Although it is rather different from her past experiences in salons and spas, she’s always had an interest in Real Estate and Real Estate Management. With the combined experience of management and team development, alongside her new position as a real estate agent, Maya is a perfect fit for Kindred Quarters to not only find the right places, but the right people for these amazing houses.

In her free time, Maya enjoys quality time with her husband, Daniel, and their two adorable dogs, Soba and Sachi. They love taking their pups all over San Diego, including their local favorite, Kate O. Sessions Neighborhood Park in Pacific Beach.

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Director of Recruitment and Sales

Michelle Pamintuan worked in corporate from age 16 to 30. She worked her way up in the Auto, Home and Commercial Insurance arena and held positions in Underwriting, Customer Service, Sales, BD, Training, Quality Assurance and Auditing. She ended that portion of her career as an Operations Manager overseeing a team of about 150 Team Members between Vista, CA and Scranton, PA. She is a Green Belt Six Sigma and has certified Management and Leadership training from Gallup University and Zenger Miller.

The last 11 years brought her to the Health and Wellness Industry. Seven years as a Business Owner where she first became partners with a spa ready to go out of business. Michelle was able to expand their service menu and make the business profitable once more. It was a successful partnership for 5 years where she was instrumental in doubling annual revenue her first year there and maintained over 20% growth year over year in years 2-5 of the partnership. She branched off and opened her own spa, Essential Rituals and eventually sold and merged with Eco Chateau. The last 3-4 years she has managed and consulted for Eco Chateau, which has two locations in San Diego. She played a key role in successfully recruiting the most talented Team of over 30 women in Management, Administrative and Therapist roles. She has been responsible for training Team Members in all areas, especially in Sales. She has implemented key initiatives where operations, efficiency, and maintaining budget is concerned and is proud to say Eco Chateau is the #1 Rated Health and Wellness Spa in San Diego.

Michelle is presently consulting for a new Real Estate Team under Keller Williams. She is overseeing recruitment and systematizing their processes and procedures as well as providing her guidance on Business Planning and Budget. Exposure to the industry has motivated her to work towards her Real Estate Salesperson License which should be obtained by 1st quarter of 2018.

On a personal note Michelle has lived in San Diego most of her life. She is the oldest daughter of a Retired Master Chief who proudly served in the Navy for 32 years. She has a 13 yr old son, Tyler, and loves to hike and experience all the beauty that San Diego has to offer.


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KQ Lead Concierge

LIFE MOTTO: “Never die easy” -Walter Payton

HOMETOWN: Pasadena, CA

HOBBIES: Deep sea fishing, cooking, marathon training (new hobby-wish me luck!), fantasy football, obsessing over the Dodgers.

SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: I was a sports writer for five years and got to cover teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Double-A affiliate for the Kansas City Royals!

SPECIAL SKILLS: Press releases. AP style. Corny jokes.

WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO: I love that I’m doing something that scares the heck out of me. They say if your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t dreaming big enough!



LIFE MOTTO: Flambé, sauté then sashay away!

HOMETOWN: Baltimore, Maryland

HOBBIES: Reading, quilting and gardening.

SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: Being a chef is not just a job to me it’s become an entire life style. I’ve been slowly turning my backyard into an urban farm where I raise free range chickens and grow many of my own fruits and vegetables. I love the idea of farm to table and knowing where your food comes from. In fact you will often see me heading out of the Kindred Quarters houses with all of the vegetable scraps from cooking each day. It helps the houses keep a greener imprint on the world and my chickens and compost both get extra nutrients!

SPECIAL SKILLS: Paleo recipes and southern soul food. I know the two are complete opposites but I am passionate about both and I especially love challenging myself to combine the two cuisines.

WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO: Cooking truly makes happy! I just love waking up every day and having the opportunity to do what makes me happiest for people who enjoy it.

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Premium Branding & Content Creation

LIFE MOTTO: The more you do the less you wait.

HOMETOWN: Scottsdale, AZ

HOBBIES: Reverse Engineering, Plotting, Scheming

SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW ABOUT YOU: I can wiggle my ears, backflip on concrete, and likely spend majority of my time at a house party playing with the dog.

SPECIAL SKILLS: I can premium brand anything. 😜

WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO: I get to run around with a camera and make things look 10x cooler than how they actually are, I guess you can say thats pretty dandy.