What is Kindred Quarters?

Kindred Quarters is co-living for driven and successful entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their businesses to ultimately make the world a better place.

How much does it cost per month to live in a KQ house?

ALL-IN price to live in one of our homes typically ranges from $2,600-$4,500. That may sound like quite a bit at first to share a home with others, however if you consider the AMAZING value that you're getting, you'll be spending a lot less over the month and have so much more time to focus on your business! And we all know...time = money 😉Some of the many perks of living in a Kindred Quarters house and are included in your all-in price are:

  • Rent Value - $1100-$3000: This range depends on size of room, needs (like a private bathroom, private entrance or pets), length of lease  & city. These houses are made to entertain guests and host events, have plenty of co-working space and are in an incredible location!
  • Personal Chef  Value - $3000: The personal chef will be cooking DAILY fresh, organic, Paleo meals per week plus all drinks, snacks, bulletproof coffee. Really everything you need...
  • House Concierge Value - $2500: Each house concierge will be taking care of all your day-to-day household chores (think dishes, laundry, dusting, sweeping, etc.) and errands. They typically spend about 2 hours every day (yes, even weekends) on the house needs, then you can hire them as a personal assistant by the hour if needed.
  • Weekly Mastermind Value -$2,000:  Each Kindred Quarters location will typically host weekly events and mastermind groups with other business owners to keep the motivation and drive strong
  • Utilities/Cable/Internet Value - $450: You'll have all your utilities, cable and 100mb high-speed internet all included in your monthly costs. 
  • Tax Write-Off:  Speak to your CPA for your personal situation, but most our residents are able to write off at least 50% of their monthly living expenses against their tax return!
  • Access to a huge network of other driven, successful entrepreneurs - PRICELESS!
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A security deposit is required upon signing of the lease. It is the same price as your monthly rent.

What is the length of commitment?

Only a three month minimum! Plus, we have AirBnB options where you can stay in one of the extra rooms for as little as a day, week or month! Great for travelling entrepreneurs... It's all about FREEDOM, right??

Will i have any say when it comes to who lives in the house with me?

Absolutely! We are very careful when selecting our core housemates to ensure that each house is filled with like-minded individuals, and residents will ALWAYS meet before agreeing to live together to make sure it's a good fit prior to the three month commitment.

*The AirBnB rooms are automatically booked but are always only rented out to other Entrepreneurs. 

What are the HOUse expectations?

As a KQ Resident, you are living with top-level, working professionals and it is necessary for all residents to be on the same page to maintain a well-balanced living environment and lifestyle. The following commitments are required for all individuals who stay at a Kindred Quarters home, whether it be for a week, a month, or years and years to come:

  • I am committed to maintaining a positive, uplifting attitude at all times around other residents and guests. We all have our ups and downs, but please do not project any negative energy upon others.
  • I am committed to attending EVERY Monday night Mastermind from 7pm-9pm, being 100% present with my phone and laptop put away. In the event I do have to miss a week, I am committed to not missing more than ONE Mastermind meeting per month.
  • I am committed to being flexible. Living with other people will sometimes require you to have a little flexibility in your needs and wants.
  • I am committed to keeping any personal requests reasonable. Kindred Quarters provides a meal prep chef, house concierge and weekly house cleaners with a set plan of action for each role. These KQ team members work for ALL residents in the house, not on a personal one-on-one basis (unless you personally hire them outside of their KQ hours). Please be respectful of their duties. If there is something you would like changed on the menu, laundry schedule, etc., discuss with the other housemates and make the change as a group, not just for an individual resident.
  • I am committed to being Eco-Conscious. To give back to our environment and keep living costs down, I will commit to turning off lights, AC/heating units and other electronics when not in use. I will also commit to be as waste-free as possible and recycling when appropriate.
  • I am committed to being an effective communicator. If there are any issues or concerns, I will communicate clearly and respectfully with the other residents and KQ team members.

Keeping these 6 simple commitments is what makes the Kindred Quarters such a great community to be a part of! You will not only live with respectable, caring and smart entrepreneurs, but also be able to learn and grow your business to a whole new level!

Each house will collectively decide upon any other "house rules".. Most residents are in their mid-20s to mid-30s (past the college age of raging and making messes, and mature enough to place your dishes in the dishwasher), but with the help of the house concierge and house cleaners, your home will always be kept in a clean and orderly manner. 

One house rule that seems to work well across the board for entrepreneurs are having quiet hours Sun-Thurs after 9pm, since most of us start our hustle in the wee hours of the morning during the week ; - )


How many meals per day are included in the monthly cost?

The personal chef will makes a total of 14 healthy meals per week (2 meals/day, 7 days/week), healthy snacks each day and plenty of breakfast options in fridge (eggs, smoothies, etc.). The meals are decided upon collectively by all residents in the house.  Currently, all homes are on all PALEO diets (low carb, high protein) which helps fuel our residents' bodies with the nutrients needed to maintain the energy it takes to be a successful entrepreneur!

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