I'm sure you many of you have heard of this book before (if you haven't, be sure to click the picture to order it on Amazon...it's a great read!). Kindred Quarters is now hosting our very own Mastermind Dinners, based on the format of this book.

The simple, yet effective relationship building concept created by founder of MastermindTalks, Jayson Gaignard,  brings people together to share and help each other over a delicious meal. 

Our dinners are by invite only and we host around 10 people, to keep them nice & intimate as well as to cover more ground. We promise to have an AMAZING meal catered by our chef and some INCREDIBLE connections for you to make with other high-level entrepreneurs. 


There are a just few things we would like you to come prepared to discuss at our Mastermind Dinners:

  • ONE thing that’s working really well for your business

  • ONE thing that you need help on

  • ONE great tool or resource that you think would be valuable for others

There’s absolutely nothing else you need to bring. We're just looking forward to having you join us and connecting some awesome people together!