Want to know how YOU can grab a coveted spot in one of our gorgeous, fully furnished homes?? Check out the full process below:

[STEP 1]

Get to know what we're all about

Watch this quick YouTube Video with our founder, Christine McDannell, explaining the concept of Kindred Quarters:


[STEP 2]

Let us know what you're all about

Fill out our questionnaire — This includes questions regarding your personal and business goals as well as living expectations .

[STEP 2.5]

(Optional at this stage of the application process, but HIGHLY suggested.)

Get on our Priority list

You can fast-track your application process by submitting a priority waitlist deposit. This $1,000 payment is submitted as a "Good Faith" deposit that we will find you the perfect room! You will be placed on the priority waitlist in the order that your deposit is received and the $1,000 payment will go toward your security deposit once ready for move-in. Your security deposit will be the same amount as your monthly rent, and monthly rent is calculated based on square footage of room. Once approved, we will contact you with exact rental terms : - )

Refund Policy: This deposit shows us how serious you are about applying to live at a Kindred Quarters location..... Of course if for any reason we cannot find you the perfect home with the perfect housemates, we will refund you immediately, no questions asked!

[STEP 3]

get to know you even better

If your goals and lifestyle align with that of Kindred Quarters, we will schedule a quick phone call to answer any additional questions and get to know you better!

[STEP 4]

Get on camera

Email us a 2-5 minute video (nothing fancy - feel free to use your phone camera!) answering the following questions:

  • What gets you excited about potentially moving into Kindred Quarters?

  • What are three interesting things about you?

  • What are your two favorite books and why do you love them?

[STEP 5]

Get evaluated

Our Kindred Quarters Advisory Board and fellow residents of the specific house you are applying for will review your questionnaire and video to decide if you are a good fit.

[STEP 6]

Get the good news

You've made it this far because you are a highly motivated entrepreneur who is ready and excited to live an elevated life! You can expect an Acceptance Letter for Residency at Kindred Quarters to arrive in your inbox!

[STEP 7]

Get in here!

You will need to fill out our easy rental application and submit a $100 application fee, as well as put down a $1,000 deposit (if you did not already do so in step 2.5) to finalize the application process. Once the rental application is completed, we will conduct a credit and background check and be in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know the results. It should take no more than 1 business day for a Kindred Quarters team member to get in touch with you and get you your residency agreement 😊

If you’re tired of the normal roommates who come home complaining about their 9–5 job and dreading Mondays, do yourself a favor and get into a Kindred Quarters house and elevate every single part of your life!

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